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There are a lot of things happening in the background when you open up your faucet: electrical points engage, mechanical springs sense fluctuations in pressure, air bladders push the water towards the opened outlet, check valves open and close.  All of these things and more have to work reliably every time you use water.
But as long as water keeps coming out of the faucet, we don’t even think about it until we turn on the shower and nothing comes out.  By this time, a combination of culprits has likely conspired to cause an emergency interruption in water delivery.  If only there was some sort of “check up” for water well systems…
Well, there is.  Let Filipponi & Thompson Drilling come out and put a professional eye towards your water system components.  Our pump technicians can check out the pieces of your water system puzzle and provide the preventative TLC to keep your water flowing.

Just some of the things we’ll be checking for are:

  • Air pressure in pressure tank.
  • Pump amperage.
  • Electrical resistance in the motor.
  • Loose connections.
  • Insulation damage.
  • Water level in the well.
  • Flow rate from pump.
  • Much, much, more…

Call today for an estimate to get signed up for an annual pump system check up!.  

Let Filipponi & Thompson Drilling’s Pump crew handle the little things before they become big emergencies. Call today and get signed up at (805) 466-1271, email info@ftdrilling.com.